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A tale for kids: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

        Once upon a time there was a little reindeer named Rudolph.
        He lived a long away, together with lots of other riendeer, in a place close to the North Pole.
        Rudolph was a very shy little reindeer.
        He didn´t have any friends.
        The trouble was that he had a very red nose.
        All the other reindeer had brown nose.
        But Rudolph´s nose was so bright that it glowed in the dark like a light.
        The other reindeer used to laugh at Rudolph.
        They refused to let him play with them because of his bright, red nose.
        So Rudolph always felt very lonely.
        He used to hide away, wishing that he could have a friend to play with and that he could be of           help to someone.
        Every year at chritmas time, Santa Claus used to come to choose some reindeer to pull his             sleigh.
        The strongest was usually chosen as the leader.
       One night just before Christmas santa arrive to make his choice.It was a very foggy night and        no one could see a thing.
       Peering through the fog, Santa called out:
      " I want Dasher, Dancer, , Prancer, Vincent, Comet, Cupid, Dander and Blitzen".
       They can pull my sleigh tonight when I deliver Christmas presents to boys and girls all over            the worl.
       The eight reindeer stepped forward very proudly and began to prepare for the trip.
       " Wait for a minute"! cried santa Claus, who was busy loading presents on to his sleigh.
       " This fog is so thick that w´ell have to take a lamp".
       "But how can I tie a lamp onto the reindeer?"
       Just then, Santa noticed Rudolph, who was standing by himself behind a tree.
      Actually, he noticed Rudolph´s red nosed, which was shining brightly.
      " Come here, Rudolph"
      " You can guide my sleigh tonight"
      "We won´t get lost in the fog if you go first to show us the way" he said.
      "What a god idea"! shouted all the reindeer.
      " Come and get ready, Rudolph".

      As soon as all was prepared Santa set off to deliver his presents.
      In front of the eight reindeer who were pulling the sleigh went Rudolph, with his bright red nose       shining in the fog.

      After that, no one ever laugh at him again, for he had helped Santa Claus in a very difficult             situation.
      Everyone wanted to play with him to be his friend, so rudolph was never lonely again.

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